Goethe University, Frankfurt

Goethe University in Frankfurt has undergone a major property renovation, with the development of two state-of-the-art campuses.


  • Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany


  • Land Hessen, Hessisches Baumanagement

Project Status

  • Completed in 2008

The university wanted to build one of the most modern, most beautiful campuses in Europe: it wanted very high architectural quality, but with the highest technical standards too. Because the university was moving from its old campuses, the deadline was fixed, so there was a very narrow timeframe to get the new buildings finished.

WSP has project managed the design and construction of both campuses, keeping the vast developments on time and on budget while ensuring the smallest technical details are addressed.

Across the campus there is a universal Wi-Fi network for students and academics, and every lecture hall is equipped with power and network connections, interactive whiteboards, projectors and cameras that allow every lecture to be streamed over the internet, a first for a German university.

Innovative heating and cooling systems maintain a comfortable environment and minimise power needs, bringing technologies used in commercial buildings to the public sector for the first time.

WSP was also involved in developing part of the natural sciences campus at Frankfurt-Riedberg, a completely new quarter of the city. This has allowed a more modern architectural treatment – the building features a shimmering golden, tin-mesh facade.

WSP was responsible for much liaison between the many architects, engineers and technical experts and the users of the university, including students, academic departments and facilities management and technical staff – and for ensuring that all of their sometimes conflicting requirements could be accommodated within the limited budget.