starting your career at wsp

Join a talented team working on high-profile projects that resonate locally and internationally. Discover a culture that rewards dedication with support and encouragement while you explore a wide variety of opportunities that enable you to do meaningful, impactful work in your community.

We expect a lot, You should too

We believe that a blend of empowerment and responsibility results in outstanding achievements. We hold all of our colleagues to the same above-average standards, while providing them with the tools, training and support they need to craft their own journeys. 

Whether you’re a student, apprentice or graduate, working at WSP means that you can get involved in events, site visits, knowledge sharing, diversity initiatives and much more through our professional growth network.



Rewarding opportunities

At WSP, we are committed to providing support for all of our employees as they build their career with us and this includes a wide variety of training and development opportunities. We pride ourselves in recognizing the quality and achievements of our staff by rewarding motivation and commitment with a high level of support and encouragement.


We create social housing that can make any resident happy

A great housing scheme meets the needs of the residents. For the inhabitants of London Zoo’s Penguin pool that meant plenty of room to swim, a South American-style beach and rocky play area, and enormous underwater windows, all surrounded by protected trees. We knew the Humbolt penguins were happy because they voted with their feet, happily exploring their new home as soon as they hopped out of their cages.


We take buildings to new heights

It takes serious brainpower to make tall buildings stand up. Our engineers are the force behind some of the world’s most impressive towers. The Shard in London clocks in at an impressive 380m, and New York’s Freedom Tower at a staggering 540m. We’ve even designed towers over 1 km high. Stopping a tall building moving in the wind is just one of the serious challenges our teams overcome.