Safety and Security Services

In a world of evolving threats from crime, terrorism or hazardous materials, we bring peace of mind to our clients with creative and balanced strategies and wide-ranging solutions to safeguard people, property, businesses, industry and governments.


How Can We Help Make the World a Safer Place?

Over the last decades, safety and security has evolved into a highly sophisticated field of expertise that addresses both current and emerging threats. The security threats we face, ranging from traditional crime to terrorism and cyber-attacks, are constantly evolving as the methods of criminals and terrorists increase in sophistication. Against this background, WSP’s security experts work with public security officials, building owners, developers and security managers within organizations, as well as with architects, to safeguard people, property and businesses against loss and injury.

Also, when renovating or demolishing older properties, or redeveloping brownfield sites, not only should the actual risk of harm to site workers be considered, but also how the perceived risk could impact project development plans and site values. Stakeholders need to take the necessary steps to address asbestos, hazardous building materials and air pollutants, and must have action plans, intervention tools and procedures to expose past, present and future environmental issues and health hazards.

Locally Dedicated with International Scale

Actively involved in the cities and countries we are based in, our teams leverage lessons learned and best practices from one another to offer the best solution.


Our technical solutions include video surveillance, intrusion detection, prohibited object and substance detection equipment, and more.

World-class Safety and Security Services

We leverage our experience, ingenuity and technical expertise to design tailored solutions that are realistic and practical, that take business needs into account.