Cambridge is one of the UK’s fastest growing cities. This growth is increasing demand on the transport links both into and around the city. One of the key routes into Cambridge is Histon Road which connects the city, via the A1, to the UK’s strategic road network.

The CYCLOPS junction is the fourth of its kind in the UK
4th 4th
More trips are expected on Greater Cambridge’s transport network by 2031
25,000 25,000
More people will live in Greater Cambridge by 2031
30% 30%

The CYCLOPs junction at Gilbert Road which benefits active travel safety

Bespoke cycle drainage kerbs are provided as part of the scheme

Rain gardens at Akeman Street

Tees Valley Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

Supporting the Combined Authority on a long-term £150m investment programme providing close to 92km of new and improved active travel routes.

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Waterbeach New Town East

Designing a place which challenges the dominance of the car and promotes a holistic vision of health and wellbeing north of Cambridge.

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