Some 90% of all the data that has ever existed was created over the past two years

Most of the embodied carbon from the construction of a data center is in the foundation, structure and envelope
Ben Stanley Data Centre Sustainability Consultant, WSP in Colorado
Cloud services, which are generally located in large, out-of-town data centers, can be expensive. This is encouraging users to adopt a hybrid approach
Kevin Imboden Senior Research Manager, Cushman & Wakefield
The generators are also substantial and heavy. Even the racks create much more loading than you would need for an office. So, it’s structurally easier for them also to be ground floor
Rich Donaldson Principal Engineer, WSP firm, kW Mission Critical Engineering, USA
In Hong Kong, because of the space constraints, we have warehouses. They are cheaper than more central office blocks, and located away from residential areas
Eric Sin Executive Director, WSP, Hong Kong
There are challenges, but they can be overcome – and in doing so, we open up huge opportunities for data center companies to obtain space in locations that were not previously possible
Austin Wikner Director, WSP, UK