Effective Intelligent Transport Systems Integrate Human Factors

Exploring how the interdisciplinary human factors specialism contributes to designing safe road systems. 

Figure 1 - Responsibility for safety is shared in the Vision Zero approach.
(adapted from the Swedish Transport Administration)

Figure 2 – Human factors is an interdisciplinary behavioural science that keeps people at the centre of the design process. 

Figure 3 – Principles of Vision Zero
*From the ITS perspective, the interdependent areas of any mobility system are physical space; users; vehicles; designers and implementers; and operators and maintainers. As noted in footnote 2, system designers, according to Vision Zero, include designers & implementers and operators & maintainers, among other contributors to the safety of road systems. 

Ian Patey
United Kingdom

Lucy Wickham
United Kingdom
Kathy Wilson-Ellis
United Kingdom
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