Effective Intelligent Transport Systems Integrate Human Factors

Exploring how the interdisciplinary human factors specialism contributes to designing safe road systems. 


Figure 1 - Responsibility for safety is shared in the Vision Zero approach.
(adapted from the Swedish Transport Administration)


Figure 2 – Human factors is an interdisciplinary behavioural science that keeps people at the centre of the design process. 


Figure 3 – Principles of Vision Zero
*From the ITS perspective, the interdependent areas of any mobility system are physical space; users; vehicles; designers and implementers; and operators and maintainers. As noted in footnote 2, system designers, according to Vision Zero, include designers & implementers and operators & maintainers, among other contributors to the safety of road systems. 

Ian Patey
Head of Profession, Intelligent Transport
United Kingdom

Lucy Wickham
Senior Technical Director, Operations and Safety, Intelligent Transport
United Kingdom
Kathy Wilson-Ellis
Human Factors Associate
United Kingdom