Municipal Asset Management Program: Funding for Canadian Municipalities

Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ (FCM) Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) grants funding to municipal partners to strengthen their asset management practices. To access the fund, applicants must submit a complete application consistent with the program guidelines and requirements.

Strategic asset management is the foundation for asset resiliency and providing sustainable services

Municipalities across Canada play a critical role in delivering essential services and infrastructure to Canadians. In balancing routine service provision with the need for informed strategic decision-making, municipalities are faced with the conundrum of finding innovative ways to accomplish more with less. FCM’s MAMP helps to address the issue by providing grants to support cities, towns, counties and Indigenous communities seeking to pursue asset management projects. 


What is the Municipal Asset Management Program?

The MAMP is a grant initiative developed to support Canadian local governments and communities in strengthening their asset management practices, making informed infrastructure investment decisions based in resilient asset management practices, and increasing skills within local governments to maintain sustainable service delivery and asset management programs.


What are the program requirements?

The program is available to Canadian municipalities, as well as partner organizations that submit complete applications for eligible activities. Additional information on eligibility, project requirements, and program guidelines can be found on the FCM website.


How WSP can help

At WSP, we are consultants, scientists, engineers and planners. We offer complimentary consultations for clients applying for the MAMP. Throughout the application process, we can help you:

  • Determine Next Steps and prioritize tasks
  • Take your team through the Readiness Assessment
  • Develop a Project Work Plan
  • Address any questions or concerns you may have specific to your local government’s needs

WSP is ready to support all your asset management project needs—strategic, tactical and operational. Our team of experts understand the resource constraints municipalities experience and the need for financial stewardship, and provide a full suite of asset management services.


The value to you

By understanding the gaps in your asset information and asset management practices, you can ensure your assets are resilient, services sustainable, and decisions fiscally responsible. This could be as simple as optimizing existing methods or as complex as developing a new and sustainable asset management program. WSP has worked with municipalities on both ends of the spectrum and can provide the steppingstones, templates and tools we developed to help your community make a smooth transition towards sustainable asset management practices specific to your needs and conditions.

Download our Municipal Asset Management Program brochure

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