Roads and Highways

WSP's unparalleled experience in roads and highways helps craft projects for tomorrow's needs by rethinking the way commuters travel.

Since the onset of paved streets dating back as far as 2,000 BC, the world’s population has spread across the globe in unison with the evolution of roads and highways. Drawing upon extensive and long-standing experience, WSP’s experts plan, design and manage the construction and operations of the highways of tomorrow, with a focus on resilience, sustainability and smart technologies.

We provide a full range of services to help transportation agencies meet the technical, financial and contextual challenges of delivering roads and highways that address the economic, social and environmental needs of the communities they serve.

Backed by an experienced team of professionals, including world-renowned experts in tunnelling, bridges, transportation planning and traffic management systems, WSP brings extensive experience to all facets of urban, rural and municipal road and highway projects.

We work on every aspect of a highway program including traffic analysis, urban design, environmental impact studies and statements, funding and feasibility analysis, preliminary engineering and final design, construction planning and public communications.

Hunter Expressway

Hunter Expressway, the largest single road investment in the  history of New South Wales is contributing to the long-term development and growth of  the Hunter region.

Preparing the Future of Highways

With the planet’s population expected to grow to 10 billion by the middle of this century, and with cities getting bigger and bigger, road infrastructure is under pressure like never before. This is why multi-tiered planning is essential, with sound road asset management that will help answer short term needs, while preparing for longer-term changes.

Governments across the world are investing in transportation. In countries with older infrastructure, the need to replace or upgrade aging roads and bridges provides an opportunity to invest in resilient infrastructure.

WSP has established the highest standards of safety risk assessment, performance analysis, infrastructure design and operational approaches. Our expertise extends from the pavement to advanced intelligent systems for mobility and connectivity, leveraging advances in traffic support technologies and Big Data to streamline asset management, real-time traffic management and transport service processes.

Participation in a number of innovative trials on connected and automated vehicles has also positioned our firm to support changes that the deployment of such vehicles will inevitably set forth. In addition to introducing controlled motorways, active traffic management and smart roads, WSP’s involvement in the development of the futuristic expressways concept is advancing that mission further down the road.

Drawing from our experience in Smart Tech, our experts can work with you to understand your business goals and develop smart strategies to achieve them.

First Kuwait Ring Road

Improving access to downtown Kuwait City while reducing traffic congestion, with First Kuwait Ring Road.

New Models for Highways Management

Disruptive technologies in the highways environment are becoming game changers, and WSP constantly monitors new developments in order to gain a better understanding of how such technologies can solve problems, reduce operational costs and increase project value.

As new technologies elicit new expectations from road users, ownership and operational models will also evolve. WSP is an industry leader in the delivery of large-scale, complex Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects, providing a full range of services to help transportation agencies manage their infrastructure.

Our strategic consulting services help owners and operators to drill down on the complexities of demand forecasting, policy making, funding and financing, while our expertise in project and program delivery ensures the efficient implementation of projects in accordance with cost, scheduling, quality and safety requirements.