Dams help control river flow and provide water to nearby communities. Our experts possess over 25 years of experience in working with retaining structures.

Built across rivers, dams help control river flow, provide water to nearby communities, and regulate flooding but also produce hydroelectric power, the most widely used form of renewable energy. Dams are intricate and resilient structural barriers that require thorough planning, design and maintenance. Our clear and nuanced understanding of retaining structures results from 25 years of experience, allowing our team of experts to support the unique needs of each client.

Dams are substantial engineering projects that require vast financial resources and a sound engineering plan. Our seasoned team consists of leading industry professionals who are up to date with the latest tools, technology and industry standards in design, analysis and safety concerning water retaining structures. From project start to finish, our specialists are able to provide the expert solution that best suits our clients’ needs.

The expertise of our engineers and technicians include:

  • Hydraulic/hydrological engineering

  • Hydraulic structures

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Dams and locks auxiliary and heavy mechanical engineering

  • Electrical engineering

Experience has taught us to always embrace unique challenges that accompany a project lifecycle no matter where the project is located. As partners and consultants of dam owners, operators and regulators, we are also involved in many relevant professional organizations at home and abroad. 

Our key services include:

  • Design studies

  • 1D, 2D and 3D modelling of discharge on dams and spillways

  • Design and assessment of tailing dams

  • Dam safety assessments/reviews

  • Environmental assessment and permitting

  • Specialized studies

  • Public safety regarding dams

  • Detailed inspections and investigations if water retaining structures

  • Detailed engineering for new structures of rehabilitation works

  • Dam decommissioning and land reclamation projects

  • Management and preparation of tender packages for the rehabilitation or construction of new structures

  • Project management (EPCM), services during construction

  • Preparation of operations, maintenance and surveillance manuals (OMS)

  • Emergency action plans (EAP)