WSP provides detailed evaluations, due diligence reports and capital plans for all types of buildings, from commercial and residential towers to luxury hotels, retail facilities and religious buildings.

Our vast experience in the field and quality control process enables us to provide technically accurate property condition assessment reports, reliable recommendations and detailed budgeting, helping our clients to make appropriate business decisions.

WSP’s extensive network of experts understand the building lifecycle, including world-class structural engineers, facade designers, green building professionals, corrosion experts and concrete restoration specialists.

Pre-Purchase and Re-Finance Reports

We provide due diligence reports for both vendors and buyers, as well as building owners who are re-financing. We are used to working within the stringent timelines that often occur in the building transaction world and we always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes in order to better understand what is important in a transaction. We identify concerns early in the process, before they become problems, which enables our clients to make informed decisions.

Due Diligence

Beyond support during building purchase or financing, our due diligence process provides clients with ongoing value after closing. Our reports form a starting point to manage the facility's capital needs over time.

Capital Planning

Capital plans provide property owners and asset managers with a financial forecast for the capital renewal projects that will be required for property maintenance. Capital planning is typically completed at the time a property is purchased (usually called "physical due diligence"), when a property is refinanced (to provide the lender with assurance regarding the condition of the asset), or simply as part of a proactive planning process.

We are experts in the development of capital plans, reserve fund studies and depreciation reports. We understand that developing and implementing the right plan can make a major difference to the value of a building, and we tailor the capital plan to match the owner’s vision for it.

By understanding a building’s systems, we can help implement plans that reduce costs, improve occupant comfort, increase safety and consider the full building lifecycle.