Water Conserv II

WSP has been providing consulting services under successive contracts over more than 20 years to provide water resources services for permitting, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the system.



  • Orlando, Florida, USA

Project Status

  • Ongoing

Create the Enduring

Faced with a need to expand wastewater treatment service and a regulatory requirement to eliminate wastewater discharges to surface waters, the City of Orlando and Orange County formed a long-term partnership to develop an innovative water reclamation and reuse program. The Water Conserv II system, which started operating in 1986, has provided an annual average of up to 35 million gallons per day of reclaimed water for agricultural and residential irrigation and aquifer recharge.

WSP has been providing consulting services under successive contracts for more than 25 years for permitting, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the system.



Key Numbers

Citrus Groves Served
2,700 acres 2,700 acres
Golf Courses Served
3 3
Landfills Served
2 2
Nurseries Served
7 7
Reclaimed Water, Gallons Daily
35 million 35 million
RIB Sites Served
8 8

Nurturing a Valuable Natural Resource

The facilities, distributed across approximately 65 square miles, serve over 3,250 acres of citrus groves, seven nurseries, two ferneries, three golf courses, a sand mine, two landfills, several residential communities, and eight rapid infiltration basin (RIB) sites that help replenish the regional drinking water aquifer.

We developed a customized database for all water resources operational data collected at the Water Conserv II facilities; directed RIB loading schedules; refined empirical load/response relationships of individual RIBs, especially in extreme drought and sustained wet weather conditions; directed the groundwater quality sampling program; assessed groundwater quality trends at RIB monitor wells; provided design and construction oversight of new monitor wells; extended baseline groundwater quality monitoring on six proposed expansion RIB sites; and provided strategic planning for expansion of the Water Conserv II system.

We also served as the prime design-build contractor to design, permit and construct new supplemental water supply wells; and provided design services and construction support for transmission main realignments, distribution system extensions, and RIB site additions and expansions.