Resilience Planning and Strategy

Addressing the highest-risk areas and implementing reactive responses to climate change impacts are only one part of the resilience-building process.


Climate Adaptation and Resilience Solutions

By applying our expertise in climate science, business and infrastructure planning and design, we help identify solutions to address climate-related risks and opportunities. We develop a range of solutions designed to optimize return on investment, including engineering solutions, policy recommendations, improvements to processes and standards and resilient investment strategies.


Resilience Aligned with Low Carbon Strategies

We develop roadmaps to help our clients strategically address climate risks and resilience throughout operations and decision-making. We work closely with our sustainability and energy specialists to ensure an organization’s resilience pathway is aligned with its transition to a low-carbon economy. To ensure plans are shovel-ready, we help identify costs and benefits, resource needs, stakeholder partners and progress indicators


Monitoring and Evaluation

Our team provides metrics and targets to track progress towards overall resilience goals, as well as action-specific metrics to measure the effectiveness of each plan element. We can also assess how your risk management and resilience strategies fare against different climate impacts and through the transition to a low-carbon economy.


Engagement and Capacity-Building

WSP helps identify key stakeholders required to support our clients’ resilience planning efforts, and we work closely with them to gather valuable input on organization initiatives and build buy-in for climate adaptation projects.