Climate Adaptation and Resilience Solutions

By applying our expertise in climate science, business, infrastructure, and planning, we can help you identify solutions to address your climate change risks and opportunities. We develop a range of “hard” and “soft” measures, including engineering and design solutions, policy recommendations, improvements to processes and standards, and resilient investment strategies.


Portfolio Scale Sustainability and Resilience Strategies

We can develop strategies to help you improve the sustainability and resilience of your assets, operations, and communities. We can help you assess and benchmark GHG’s and climate risks, set science-based targets, and engage with stakeholders. We also help you integrate sustainability into your broader ESG framework, ensuring a holistic transition to a low-carbon economy.

thn-Monitoring and Evaluation

Policy Development

We can develop policies, standards and guidelines to support you in implementing climate resilience and sustainability across your organization or sector. Our process is tailored to your unique climate-related risks and opportunities and aligned with national and global best practices.


Climate-centric Land Use and Development Planning

We can integrate climate resilience and sustainability into planning policy, master plans, official plans, growth strategies and more. We can help you understand your community’s risks and opportunities and develop solutions that create low carbon, climate resilient communities.


Laurence Blandford
Vice President, Strategy Consulting, Climate Change and ESG