thn-See the future more clearly

See the future more clearly

We see the future more clearly through targeted research into key trends that impact Canada and the clients we serve.

thn-Design for it today

Develop complete solutions for the long term

We design for today and the future by integrating future trends and novel solutions into our work.

thn-Challenge the status quo

Challenge the status quo

We position ourselves as innovators, through research and collaboration, leading the way forward in our industry and our communities.



Climate change is a global threat multiplier. Rising temperatures, increasingly severe flooding, and more disruptive storms, among other changes, will test the resilience of assets, businesses, and communities.



Growing diversity, rising demands for healthy places, and increasing needs for accessibility and inclusion will shape the ways we move around our cities, design our neighbourhoods, and plan our infrastructure.



The speed of technological advancement has no historical precedent. It will continue to transform almost every industry in every country, and the breadth and depth of changes are advancing entire systems of production, management, and governance.


Patterns of consumption are changing across scales and sectors. By rethinking resource lifecycles, improving material tracking, and tapping into more renewable forms of energy, we can create economies that allow us to do more with less.

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