Future Ready

Future Ready® is the way WSP helps clients see the future more clearly and design for it today.


How will your project, infrastructure, or community hold up against the effects of global warming, flooding and rising sea levels, and more disruptive storms? 

New Zealand Megatrends:

Wetter, wilder and more extreme weather

Sea level rise

Drier and hotter

Greater risk of forest fires


The way we move around our cities, the way we design our neighbourhoods, and the way we plan infrastructure are all impacted by changes in social and cultural norms.

New Zealand Megatrends:

Ageing and population diversity

Increasing loneliness

Obesity epidemic

Changing workforce


The speed of technological advancement has no historical precedent. It is upsetting almost every industry in every country, and the breadth and depth of changes is transforming entire systems of production, management, and governance.

New Zealand Megatrends:

Modular and accelerated construction

Smart cities

Multi-modal transport

Smart data and cyber security


By changing our thinking on how we produce what we need, we can create an economy that allows us to do so much more, with less.

New Zealand Megatrends:


Circular economy

Sustainable practices

Water management

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Still Alone Together

WSP and The Helen Clark Foundation have released an update to the ground-breaking 2020 report Alone Together that looked at the impact of loneliness on the people and communities of Aotearoa.

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The Shared Path: people not cars at the heart of communities

How low-traffic areas in Aotearoa’s cities can decarbonise transport, save lives, and create the connected urban communities we need in a post-pandemic future.
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Decarbonising Transport Series

WSP has created a thought leadership series, Decarbonising Transport to support the Helen Clark Foundation The Shared Path released earlier this month.
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