As built and natural environment specialists, WSP’s decarbonisation solutions are powered by our strategic expertise and data-led approach.

We’re here to help you overcome technical challenges and action Net Zero policy insights, so you can focus on what you do best.  

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What if we could help our communities to thrive, in a world we do not control?
In our future, we can  

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Net Zero Cities: Auckland, NZ

The Alliance is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible: improving the efficiency and reducing risk on the project, and at the same time enabling greater visibility of the overall project design.
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Net Zero Cities: Christchurch, NZ

The Christchurch Major Cycle Routes are helping the community see cycling as a viable alternative to car travel, cutting the city of Christchurch's carbon emissions on the way. 
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Net Zero Cities: New Plymouth, NZ

Without actions implemented by NPDC, WSP’s findings showed that the community’s emissions would have fallen short of council's target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
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Net Zero Cities: London, UK

22 Bishopsgate is the second-tallest building in Western Europe and an example of low-carbon design reaping commercial benefits. 
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Net Zero Cities: Sydney, AU

With an ambitious target of Net Zero by 2035, the City of Sydney Council commissioned to WSP to plan a Net Zero energy future. 
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Net Zero Cities: Bradford, UK

A British industrial powerhouse is looking towards a thriving future with a strategy that balances economic growth with Net Zero goals.   
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Learn more about our Changemakers in Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond 

Meet our Changemakers

Meet WSP's Decarbonisation and Net Zero Experts

Carole Smith
Technical Director - Environment
New Zealand
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Chau Nguyen
Client Director - Digital Advisory
New Zealand
Rowan Dixon
Principal Specialist - Sustainability & Resilience
New Zealand
Brigitte Hicks
Senior Sustainability Consultant
New Zealand
Nerissa Harrison
Principal Transportation Planner | Team Leader
New Zealand
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