WSP and Mahi a Rongo | The Helen Clark Foundation Research

WSP has been partnering with the Helen Clark Foundation since October 2019 to take a research and evidence-based approach to understanding the future implications of critical societal issues.

Te Ara Matatika - The Fair Path

Why transport matters for equity, and how Aotearoa New Zealand can fairly transition to the connected low-traffic cities we need for a decarbonised future.
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Te Ara Matatika - The Fair Path (Volume II)

A Fair Charge for Better Cities: The potential for congestion charging to help unlock our transport system.
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Alone Together - Loneliness in The City

New Zealand should prioritise loneliness in social policy as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, recommends a new report.
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Tapping into the diaspora of Aotearoa New Zealand

Recommendations on how we can understand and tap into the potential of our offshore diaspora, attract some of them home, and prepare our infrastructure for trends in the post-pandemic future.
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New research into pandemic loneliness sheds light on the vulnerable

WSP and The Helen Clark Foundation have released an update to the ground-breaking 2020 report Alone Together that looked at the impact of loneliness on the people and communities of Aotearoa.
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The Shared Path: people not cars at the heart of communities

How low-traffic areas in the cities of Aotearoa can decarbonise transport, save lives, and create the connected urban communities we need in a post-pandemic future.
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