Working with communities leads to better policy decisions and more durable solutions to the risks climate change presents. It can also be messy, challenging, and time consuming.

However difficult it may be at times, it’s much easier to have those bold conversations when people are in a warm, dry home than when their houses are full of water, and no one has showered for a week.
Gemma Greenshields Technical Principal - Community Engagement, WSP

 A Shared Future

Working with communities to adapt to a changing climate
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Sponge Cities

Can they help us to survive more intense rainfall?
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Safer Cities by Design

How better urban form can lead to safer, vibrant cities. 
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A Fair Path

How Aotearoa can fairly transition to low-traffic cities.
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A Fair Charge

Can congestion charging help unlock our transport system?
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Still Alone Together

A 2021 update to the Alone Together report
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Nau Mai: Welcome Home

How can Aotearoa New Zealand meet the needs of our diaspora?

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Alone Together

What loneliness means for public policy and the built environment.
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The Shared Path

How to decarbonise transport, save lives, & connect urban communities. 
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Bridget McFlinn
Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications
New Zealand
Campbell Gardiner
External Communications & Government Relations Manager
New Zealand
Kali Mercier
WSP Fellow
New Zealand

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