Infrastructure Risk and Resilience Assessments

We can apply nationally recognized frameworks such as the ISO Standard for Risk Management and the PIEVC Protocol to assess climate risks and resilience to any asset type. We tailor the infrastructure risk assessment to your assets and can conduct them at the project, portfolio, municipal or regional level.


Energy Performance and Efficiency

Our integrated engineering and architectural solutions help you optimize the performance of your infrastructure. We can conduct performance assessments, GHG analysis and life-cycle assessments (LCAs), and help you integrate results into decision-making. Our team are experts in rating and reporting frameworks such as Envision and CaGBC Zero Carbon Building. We can also support you in reporting and benchmarking your asset performance, such as through GRESB Infrastructure.

thn-Low-carbon Resilient Infrastructure

Asset-Level Sustainability and Resilience Solutions

Based on your asset-level climate risks and opportunities, we design solutions to increase the resilience, sustainability and performance of your infrastructure. We provide technical and strategic solutions for GHG reduction, deep retrofits, energy efficient design, and climate risk management. We can also help you track performance and risks, and choose solutions for your assets using innovative tools and dashboards.


Life-cycle Assessments and Embodied Carbon

We can conduct Life-cycle Assessments (LCAs) to determine the full range of environmental and climate impacts of your assets, including embodied carbon. We can then identify hotspots and opportunities for GHG reduction, and recommend materials, designs, construction and operational considerations. We can also help you advance LCA-based tracking and reporting, meeting emerging requirements and improving supply chain transparency.


Laurence Blandford
Vice President, Strategy Consulting, Climate Change and ESG