Alternative Delivery

We help cities, transit authorities, redevelopment agencies, and developers structure alternative delivery transactions (e.g. design-build, public-private partnerships, and other alternative delivery options); secure federal, state and local public finance resources; and integrate private investment into public infrastructure projects.

Public-Private Partnerships

As markets have matured, the secondary sale of equity in public-private partnerships projects (also known as P3 or PPP) has become more commonplace, with developers seeking to recycle scarce equity capital, and financial investors seeking stable index linked assets. With our broad knowledge of the primary P3 market and the operation and management of infrastructure assets, WSP USA also provides investor advisory services to buyers or sellers seeking to maximize value with acceptable risk.

Our alternative delivery practice provides public sector planning, procurement advisory and contract administration, and private investor advisory services to advance infrastructure development.

Public sector services:

  • Feasibility, delivery options, value for money (VfM) and risk analysis
  • Program development (P3 regulations/policy; office creation/capacity building
  • Project screening and scope development
  • Value capture and debt financing (special assessment, tax incremental financing [TIF], development impact fees, joint development agreements, etc.)
  • Development the payment mechanism
  • Technical output specification/performance requirements
  • Negotiating the deal and executing the P3 contract
  • Monitoring construction and operation
  • Contract administration and compliance
  • Claims analysis and management strategy
  • Dispute advice and support

Private investor advisory services:

  • Process and strategy recommendations
  • Market assessments
  • Cost benchmarking and forecasting
  • Asset condition surveys
  • Environmental reviews
  • Design audits for new developments
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Other professional services