Designing a Natural Way to Ventilate Louis Armstrong Stadium

Ventilation innovations developed by WSP USA for the U.S. Tennis Association's (USTA) newest venue will help control temperatures naturally when the stadium’s retractable roof is closed.

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Louis Armstrong Stadium is the world’s first naturally ventilated retractable roof tennis venue. It was introduced to the public during an Aug. 22 ribbon cutting ceremony where tennis legends John McEnroe and Michael Chang were among the participants.


It was important that the air flows through the stadium without causing any disruptions during a match.

©2018 WSP USA

The goal for Louis Armstrong Stadium was to create a system that maintains outdoor temperatures inside the venue, whether the retractable roof is opened or closed. 

©2018 WSP USA

When the stadium roof is closed, the ventilation system surrounding the stadium works to maintain conditions similar to what is felt outside the venue.