Asset Management

WSP plays a leading role in the development and growth of advanced asset management practices across the globe

Owners, managers and operators of fleet, facilities and infrastructure are increasingly faced with the challenge of doing more with less – expanding and sustaining safe, resilient and reliable services with aging assets and constrained funding. 


Imagine High Performance

Globally, Asset Management is bringing about a paradigm shift in how we care for the critical infrastructure on which we depend upon so greatly. Asset Management is focused on extracting value from our assets. It is about ensuring that we are doing the right amount of work, at the right time, at the right cost, to deliver the right level of service. It is a balancing act between what we can afford and what we need to provide. It is a shift away from reacting to failed assets to more preventive approaches.

High performance asset management drives the efficiency of asset intense businesses and enables them to adopt more economic and sustainable working practices. Case studies and global benchmarks demonstrate significant productivity benefits, improvements in service delivery performance, as well as reducing organization risk and increasing workforce safety. 

Your Asset Management Partner

Our team is made up of senior advisors providing one of the largest and most local asset management consulting groups worldwide. With decades of experience, our advisors have outstanding technical capabilities in all asset classes, as well as a proven track record in delivering successful organization change programs – resulting in significant savings, improved asset performance and improved safety for clients.


Asset Management council        patron


WSP’s global asset management services are defined across two view-points:


Services to improve organization performance and decision making

  • Capability Assessment and improvement programs
  • Business transformation design, change and culture development
  • ISO 55001:2014 assessment and certification
  • Business process analysis and re-engineering
  • Digital Strategies
  • Technology solution planning, architecture, strategy and integration
  • Data and information analytics
  • Performance metrics and service level indicators
  • Asset Management risk and vulnerability assessment and management
  • Competence assessment and development, including asset management training


Services to improve the performance of assets 

  • Reliability centered maintenance planning
  • Inventory condition assessment
  • GIS modeling
  • Predictive modeling
  • Failure analysis and rehabilitation design
  • Operations and maintenance budgeting
  • Network management (highways, utilities, oil and gas pipelines)
  • Portfolio management (government assets, bridges, buildings, ports)
  • Performance metrics and technical level indicators
  • Asset risk and vulnerability assessment and management 

Our team offers asset management services across all sectors, including BridgesRailWaterRoadsAviation, Maritime, Mining, Energy and Buildings to name a few. 

Promoting the Asset Management Discipline

WSP are at the forefront of asset management global thought leadership and are proud to support the development and dissemination of best practice knowledge, tools and processes. 

WSP are patrons of the Institute of Asset Management – the international professional body for whole life management of physical assets.

WSP are gold members of the Asset Management Council – a technical society of Engineers Australia, and internationally recognized at the forefront of asset management knowledge development. 

Our asset management experts have contributed to or undertaken primary author roles for many standards, manuals and guidebooks including: 

  • International Standard for Asset Management Management Systems ISO 55001:2014, including membership on the Technical Advisory Group for the next edition of the ISO 55000 series of standards 
  • US Federal Transit Administration’s – Transit Asset Management Guide (2012)
  • US Federal Highways Administration’s – Transportation Asset Management Guide (2020)
  • International Infrastructure Management Manual 
  • ACRP Report 69 Executive Primer and Guidebook- Asset and Infrastructure Management for Airports
  • National Cooperative Highway Research Program ‘s guidance on ancillary assets

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Dr. Christian Roberts
Senior Vice President Business Line Director, Asset Management and Business Advisory
United States
Joseph Wong
Director, Infrastructure, China Region
Hong Kong
Jamie Maslen
Technical Executive
Martin Gordon
Director, Asset Management, Canada
Thomas Goodyer
Head of Strategic Asset Management
United Kingdom
Rebecca Grill
Business Advisor, Rail Advisory