Future Ready

Future Ready is our program designed to deal with complex challenges facing our infrastructure, buildings and cities. We analyze future trends and provide insightful advices to build a better future.

What is Future Ready

With our Future Ready program, we are committed to finding sustainable solutions to the challenges the future will bring. Our research and analysis on key trends in climate change, society, technology and resources help us to see the future more clearly and challenge our teams to advise our clients on solutions that are both ready for today and the years to come.

Future Ready Healthcare

The next generation of healthcare buildings will be very different from the hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries we are familiar with today.

How is healthcare changing?

New Mobility Pilots Future Aviation

Aviation is changing in light of developments related to the automated, connected, electric and shared aspects of New Mobility.

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How will your project, infrastructure, or community hold up against the effects of global warming, flooding and rising sea levels, and more disruptive storms? These climate impacts will test our built environment as never before.

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The way we move around our cities, the way we design our neighbourhoods, and the way we plan infrastructure are all impacted by changes in social and cultural norms.  Can we build resilient and smart cities that take these changes into account?

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The speed of technological advancement has no historical precedent. It is upsetting almost every industry in every country, and the breadth and depth of changes is transforming entire systems of production, management, and governance.  Disruptive innovation is a reality that  can't be ignored.

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By changing our thinking on how we produce what we need, we can create an economy that allows us to do so much more, with less. For example, global energy demand is predicted to double by 2060. Yet, most of it will be satisfied with renewable energy sources thanks to greener, less costly and more effective technologies.

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David Symons
Future Ready Global Leader, Director - E&E, UK
United Kingdom
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Claire Hicks
Program Manager Future Ready
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Maria Brogren
Director, Sustainability and Innovation, Sweden
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Michael Mondshine
Vice President and Director of Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change (SECC), USA
United States
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Jes Hansen
Managing Director
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Karoliina Saarniaho
Expert in Environment, Resilient Landscape
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David Kidd
General Manager Client Solutions, New Zealand
New Zealand
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Lucy Connell
Head of Brand, Middle East
United Arab Emirates
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Maren Foseid
Director, Department of Business Development, WSP Norway
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