Nunavut Airports

Delivering critical regulatory projects in Nunavut, despite the terrain challenges

Between 2009 and 2013, WSP assisted the Government of Nunavut (GN) in a number of critical regulatory projects. We provided consulting services to support the implementation of the Safety Management Systems (SMS) program for 24 airports operated by the GN.

Unified System Over a Large Territory

The 24 airports are spread over a massive territory of over 2 million square kilometers. It is a challenge to deliver training and to ensure consistency across all airports. To capture as many staff as possible, we delivered SMS training in a series of sessions within key regions throughout the territory. We included training in TP312 Aerodrome Standards, which was relevant and well received by the client and airports' staff. To further facilitate SMS implementation, training was also delivered in a “train-the- trainer” format. If staff could not be there in person, senior management of the Nunavut Airports could deliver the training to their staff;

We took a complex regulatory program and simplified it into key processes and procedures for their airports;

We also created a unified system that could be implemented at all airports, but could still be managed by senior Nunavut Airport staff in Rankin Inlet and Iqaluit.


24 24
Territory size in km²
2 million 2 million
Program duration
4 years 4 years

Comprehensive Regulatory Programs

This four-year phased-in program required us to prepare processes and procedures, meeting their regulatory obligations.

Our team also assisted in the completion of a detailed Quality Assurance (QA) Audit of all certificated operations at the Iqaluit International Airport. This included Wildlife Management Plan, Emergency Plan, TP312 Aerodrome Standards, SMS, Obligations of the Operator, the Airport Operations Manual, and Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting. This multi-day audit included a detailed inspection of the airport, interviews with staff and documentation and records reviews. Following the onsite audit, detailed findings were prepared for any non-conformances. A summary report of the audit findings was completed and recommendations for improvement where appropriate;

For airports outside of Iqaluit, we provided quality assurance support services. The GN created an internal audit team to complete QA Audits of their airports. We provided technical assistance to this team, for example, to conduct an effective audit of TP312 Aerodrome Standards. At the Kugluktuk Airport, we “shadowed” their internal audit onsite team providing technical advice and support throughout this audit.

Government Approval

Client received an SMS Manual that was approved by Transport Canada that was also tailored to their unique operating circumstances.

Our team delivered the following:

  • Development of SMS Manual, including detailed processes and procedures;

  • Development and delivery of SMS Training practices;

  • Delivery of TP312 Aerodrome Standards and Recommended Practices Training;

  • Quality Assurance Audit of certificated airport operations which required; preparation of audit plan and audit checklists, documentation and records reviews, review of airport training processes/records, staff interviews, summary report;

  • Quality Assurance technical support.