Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health is the only facility in the world where human and animal virus research is conducted under one roof. It is also one of only a few facilities worldwide where research is conducted at BioSafety Level (BSL) 4.


University of Manitoba

The 315,000-square-foot facility is situated on a 15-acre site adjacent to a mixed industrial, commercial and residential neighborhood and involves partnerships with adjacent communities at the University of Manitoba’s Health Sciences Centre and Faculty of Medicine.  The complex, housing research facilities for animal and human health, consists of BSL4, BSL3Ag, BSL3 and BSL2 laboratories; temperature control rooms; offices; training rooms; cafeteria; library; central glass washing and tissue culture; parking lot; and other common support areas with natural light, open spaces and views designed to be people-friendly and encourage interaction.

Foundations were embedded into the second level of bedrock 30 meters below the soil to provide maximum stability. Maximum containment walls designed as box-within-a-box with minimum thermal stress, multi-layered epoxy liner sealed specially formed and cured concrete providing maximum seal integrity.

The center provides a unique environment in which researchers can collaborate as they study established and emerging diseases in human and animal populations.