Salesforce Tower, San Francisco

Completed in 2018, Salesforce Tower has redefined the San Francisco skyline. It is the tallest tower in San Francisco and the focal point of the Transbay redevelopment area that includes commercial, housing, retail and entertainment facilities.


  • San Francisco, California, USA


  • Boston Properties and Hines

Project Status

  • Completed, 2018


Sustainable Design Features

The tower is designed as a landmark in sustainability and a model for modern workplaces in promoting the health and well-being of its occupants. With environmental performance a central theme to the project, our MEP, technology, and high performance sustainable designs include many innovations for user-comfort and low environmental impact.

Sustainable design features include water/rainwater management, abundant use of natural daylight, reduced overall energy usage, application of recycled materials to cut down on construction waste and maximum indoor environmental quality. Each floor has 100% natural air, and the building is targeting LEED Platinum.

The main benefits of our HVAC design for Salesforce Tower are:

  • Improved thermal comfort by providing personal comfort control
  • Improved ventilation efficiency and indoor air quality
  • Higher indoor air quality improves occupant satisfaction and increased productivity
  • Substantial energy savings from utilising free cooling and heating
  • Reduced lifecycle building costs
  • Improved flexibility in providing and maintaining building services
  • Flexibility for interior space change – power, data and air can be reconfigured easily as these systems are part of the raised floor
  • Little or no noise from air distribution from the under-floor system due to air supply at low velocity
  • Increased floor to floor height with the raised floors allows for more vision glass and higher levels of natural day-lighting of the space.

An Integrated Tower

WSP’s technology team employed a converged base building network approach for the tower, which allows integration, automation and optimization of all intelligent building systems and equipment. In a converged network, these services – including VOIP, WAN, LAN, high density WiFi and Net Security – can be remotely monitored and controlled in an enterprise-rated secured network. This approach is far superior to traditionally siloed systems, which were never design to exchange information with one another or be secure in an outside world.