Zurich Headquarters

This 735,000-square-foot new office building is formed of three primary bars that are offset and stacked. The top bar rises 11 stories and cantilevers toward downtown Chicago. For the top five-story bar, WSP USA collaborated with the team to integrate full-height trusses to provide the 180-foot clear spans and 60-foot end cantilevers.



  • Schaumburg, Illinois, USA


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Project Status

  • Completed in 2017


Structural Engineering Solutions

We worked closely with Goettsch and Clayco to integrate an optimal structural solution for these long-span and cantilever levels. Multi-story steel trusses on each face of the top 'bar' were organized to fit well within the architectural module, and steel layout and detailing were also vetted early for contractor input. The steel detailing and fabrication proceeded in a fast-track manner, as piles were being installed and the remainder of the final design details were being completed.


Key Numbers

Length of Clear Spans
180 feet
Length of End Cantilevers
60 feet