Water supply investigation, development, engineering and permitting has become increasingly more important as competition grows for finite resources, and environmental concerns strengthen regulations. The science of evaluating potential impacts to groundwater and surface water resources and land uses has likewise become a critical aspect of water supply development.

WSP USA offers comprehensive consulting services in every facet of hydrogeology.  Areas of expertise include hydrogeologic and groundwater resource assessments, environmental investigations, and numerical groundwater flow and contaminant fate and transport modeling.  We have specialized expertise in assessing construction and mine dewatering projects and developing innovative water management approaches.  Our team continues to maintain state-of-the-art capabilities to accurately and cost-effectively characterize contaminated sites, especially those that have a complicated groundwater component.  We have extensive experience in conducting contaminant investigations in unconsolidated soil and bedrock environments and at sites where groundwater and surface water interact.

Our hydrogeologists apply scientific knowledge and analysis to understand groundwater-related issues, including assessing the quantity, quality and availability of groundwater.

Water Supply Development

  • Water supply feasibility analysis
  • Lineament analysis to delineate bedrock fractures
  • Subsurface investigation to delineate shallow aquifers
  • Surface and borehole geophysics to delineate well targets
  • Geologic mapping
  • Grain size analysis and well-screen design
  • Drilling supervision and hydrogeologic logging
  • Well rehabilitation and development
  • Permitting for construction and withdrawal

Water Supply Investigation/Assessment

  • Well performance and safe yield testing (pumping tests)
  • Operational system testing
  • Water balance assessment, demand calculation and recharge analysis
  • Hydrogeologic research and GIS mapping
  • Hydrogeologic-impact assessment
  • Sensitive receptor survey
  • Watershed analysis for surface water supplies
  • Wetland hydrology studies
  • Water-quality testing
  • Water conservation evaluation and planning
  • Pond hydrology studies
  • Pond siting and design
  • Pond bathymetry surveys and dredging analysis
  • Environmental testing for disposition of pond dredge spoils
  • Groundwater and surface water modeling

Water Supply Engineering

  • Stormwater drainage analysis and modeling
  • Design plans and specifications for water well, pump, storage and distribution
  • Water system inspection and performance evaluation
  • Construction permitting, supervision and inspection
  • Bid-procurement documents and subcontracting
  • Dam inspection and engineering
  • Flood impact analysis and mitigation
  • Design and monitoring of erosion and sedimentation controls