WSP is a leader in operations and maintenance for a wide range of infrastructure assets worldwide, including transport systems, power plants and buildings.

Understanding how an infrastructure asset—be it a highway, bridge, tunnel, transit system, building or power station—changes over its life cycle provides a critical perspective in developing an effective operations and maintenance program that will promote safety and efficiency, and reduce operating costs in the long-term.

WSP is a leading provider of operations and maintenance services for a wide range of infrastructure assets worldwide, including transportation systems, power plants, buildings and facilities. These services are enhanced by an extensive experience in the planning, design and construction of all major forms of infrastructure.

Our expertise covers:

  • Management of condition assessment and inspection programs
  • Development and implementation of asset management programs
  • Maintenance management and training
  • Development of facility management and maintenance programs
  • Energy management

WSP in Action

Our project experience ranges from maintenance of roadway networks for the Highways Agency in the U.K., to energy management for major buildings in Asia, to management of large-scale building condition assessment programs in the U.S. We have developed condition assessment survey procedures and created deficiency standards handbooks for one of the largest facility survey programs ever conducted by the U.S. government, assessing 10,000 buildings, structures and equipment.

Whether provided as standalone services or part of a suite of services supporting project delivery and operation, WSP’s operations and maintenance services assist clients in protecting vital—and expensive—infrastructure assets, extending their operational life.