If we save the world in terms of climate change, but fail to deliver all of these other benefits, then we will have lost what makes it special
Tom Butterworth Head of Biodiversity, WSP in the UK
Indigenous engagement is a big thing in Australia, and gaining biodiversity credits from increasing bush in indigenous communities is a far more tangible and valuable offset than buying a wind farm in another country
Tim Parker Sustainability Director, WSP in Australia
Sometimes there is an upfront extra cost to using green infrastructure, but often it is lower cost to go with the green solution, particularly when you factor in the wider economic benefits, such as to health, food production and reduced materials extraction and waste
Anna Robak Research and Innovation Manager, WSP in Canada
Historically lots of countries have refused to even engage. There is a real reluctance to agree legally binding targets
Tom Butterworth Head of Biodiversity, WSP in the UK
We’re not saying there are no costs to sustainability, we’re saying that the benefits are more than twice the costs
Adrien Vogt-Schilb Senior Climate Change and Sustainability Economist , IADB

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Anna Robak
Research and Innovation Manager
Tom Butterworth
Head of Ecology
United Kingdom