I think there will be a dramatic shift towards deploying smart building technologies to gain a competitive edge, to either attract new leasing or to keep existing tenants
Colin O’Gallagher senior associate and smart building consultant , WSP in New York
Prior to Covid, links between healthy office environments and the productivity of your talent were beginning to enter design conversations based on emerging science. Now healthy buildings have taken on a completely new and elevated significance
Jim Whalen chief information and technology officer, Boston Properties
In the future, you’ll tap your badge or show your code, and it will not only open the turnstiles, but call the elevator and tell you which one to go to
Jonathan Flaherty senior director, sustainability and utilities, Tishman Speyer
I think there’s going to be tremendous investment in what we would call a building analytics platform, that actually gathers data from these various control systems
Herbert Els national leader of the building technology systems group, WSP’s ThinkBOLDR Innovation Center in Colorado
Maybe we should think of it as a springboard into zero carbon. If we’ve now got a building that is basically running on zero, we have the baseline. So it’s not a question of taking energy away from people, it’s about what we allow to be added back on
Matthew Marson head of smart places, WSP in London