Managing Water: How Digital Twins Reveal Hidden Leaks

New digital tools can make the invisible visible — and offer a solution to the perennial problem of leaking pipes

Even a simple digital twin gives you a picture of what is happening underground. You can add more granular detail over time, and the more detail you have, the clearer the picture becomes
Anna Dahlman Petri, WSP
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A team of WSP engineers built a digital twin of the City of Toronto and York Region’s water network to help Toronto Water proactively manage its ageing infrastructure. Using real-time operational data and input from pressure sensors, they carried out simulations of emergency conditions to identify areas at highest risk of pipe breaks

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A digital twin of the water supply network in Linköping Sweden, supports real-decision making by engineers and operators and helps them cope with fast-growing demand from homes and industry as the city expands. The model collects data on flows, pipe pressure and reservoir levels from the control system, and performs an automatic simulation of the network every 10 minutes. It was built by WSP for munipal supplier Tekniska Verken

AI is helping us to identify the best way to balance water injection and extraction, and establish what maximum sustainable yield really is in the face of climate change
Nicole DeNovio, WSP

Anna Dahlman Petri
Senior Water Advisor
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Louise Elliott
Strategy & Business Growth Director
United Kingdom