Case studies

How can we decarbonize labs, without compromising science?

Carbon reduction and lab requirements can be opposing forces. But pioneering efforts are revealing a roadmap to a healthier environment and better science. 

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Starting a Lab Facility: A Primer for Developers, Investors and Real Estate Professionals

WSP and BAM Creative have co-authored a whitepaper detailing key considerations for those looking to develop lab research facilities.

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Transforming design to support rapid response and growth in the life science and pharmaceutical sector

As an industry, we must learn from our experience during the Covid-19 pandemic and think FAST:  Future-focussed, Agile, with Safety in mind and demonstrating great Teamwork. 

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How the Connected World is Converging for Healthcare

The convergence of healthcare, pharma and academia has been taking place over the past several years, fueled by a connectivity trend that is changing the way those industries approach their facilities.

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High Containment Labs: How Do We Isolate Pathogens But Not Scientists?

Heinz Feldmann has spent his career studying lethal pathogens, wearing a space suit inside an airtight, heavily serviced box-within-a-box with thick concrete walls.

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