Pipeline Rehabilitation

WSP’s pipeline rehabilitation experts are working with municipal clients to meet their pipeline maintenance needs. Rehabilitation is a proven approach to extending the service life of pipelines with a significantly reduced impact over replacement.

Municipalities across the world are experiencing challenges in maintaining aging infrastructure and keeping infrastructure in a state of good repair. This challenge is made more critical as urbanization continues to intensify and the strain on our infrastructure grows. The current replacement rate in many municipalities would require water and sewer infrastructure to remain in place far beyond their expected service life, resulting in decreased capacity, leakage and quality concerns.

Pipeline rehabilitation can help extend the life of existing infrastructure at a reduced cost with minimal disruption to communities. Most of all, the volume of pipeline rehabilitation that can be delivered annually far exceeds that of traditional approaches, such as the replacement of these assets.

Our specialists understand the complexity and subtleties associated with pipeline rehabilitation projects. In order to support our clients throughout their project lifecycle, from studies to contracting to expertise, WSP offers innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our clients, utilizing a wealth of Canadian and international expertise in all aspects of condition assessment and rehabilitation. Some of our notable projects and areas of expertise include:

Large Diameter Pipeline Rehabilitation

Municipalities depend greatly on large diameter pipelines to service their communities. When these pipes fail catastrophically, significant damage can be caused, resulting in prolonged service outages and costly repairs. As such, the protection of these assets if of the utmost importance.

In a complex rehabilitation project, WSP worked closely with several municipalities to renew a trunk watermain which extended from the City of Toronto, through the Region of York, to the City of Vaughan distribution network. The Islington Avenue Trunk Watermain Rehabilitation provided the client and surrounding municipalities assurance that this critical main would continue to provide service to the several affected communities.

See Islington Avenue Trunk Watermain Rehabilitation Project
Watermain break in downtown Toronto, 2018

Condition Assessment

The use of condition assessments and feasibility studies can ensure that the timing and method of rehabilitation is closely evaluated prior to implementation. By ensuring appropriate and timely intervention, municipalities can ensure that the maximum reward for their expenditure is realized.

Completion of City of Toronto Cast Iron Trunk Watermain Rehabilitation involved a detailed inspection of the pipe condition, as well as an evaluation of various rehabilitation methods. By evaluating the environmental, economic, and technical aspects of each alternative, the City of Toronto was able to renew these assets through a cost-effective and efficient approach while accommodating various project complexities.

See City of Toronto Cast Iron Trunk Watermain Rehabilitation

Program Delivery

Since 2015, the team at WSP has been responsible for the design, program management, and contract administration for one of the largest watermain rehabilitation programs in North America: The City of Toronto Watermain Rehabilitation Program. Through this program, WSP has gained industry-leading experience in the rehabilitation of distribution watermains.

Innovations realized through this program include:

  • Development of a thorough Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedure for pipeline rehabilitation, which has since been used on various local and international projects.
  • Implementation of the Field Ambassador role, to ensure clear and consistent communication with project stakeholders.
  • Creation and implementation of the Communications Management Dashboard (CMD) for the mapping, storage and tracking of all public communications.
See City of Toronto Watermain Rehabilitation ProgramLearn more about our Communications Management Dashboard

Our Experts

Stewart Dickson
Director, Linear Infrastructure
Guy Cleveland
Pipeline Rehabilitation Lead
Evan Toews
Designer, Infrastructure

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