Value Engineering and Standardization

WSP knows where to innovate and where to replicate, saving our clients significant cost and schedule.

Value engineering is the relentless pursuit of functionality at the lowest cost. We apply our engineering experience in a systematic fashion to improve value by examining the functional requirements of every facility process and either substituting materials and methodologies or innovating new ways to achieve results. Our flexibility and fit-for-purpose approach enables us to deliver significant savings in cost and schedule. This is part of our culture and how we work every day.

As the market and industry changes, we have adapted and found solutions that result in significant cost savings and schedule. Templating, or standardization, is the strategy of being able to utilize equipment, designs or vendor incentives, to save money on future projects with an existing client.

Services and solutions provided include:

  • Templating and Standardization
  • Design Review
  • Value Engineering