WSP has developed a number of software and information system solutions that are available to the aviation community.


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These products are supported and maintained by WSP and are continuously updated to reflect customer feedback and the use of the latest software technology.

In addition to customized one off solutions developed for specific customers, WSP currently offers two critical airport-centric software applications: ALFA and AvGIS.

Airport Landing Fee and Revenue Management – ALFA

Airports generate revenue in unique ways including fees based on aircraft movements, aircraft services, passenger traffic, and many other fees. In many cases, these processes are unique to the individual airport and environment in which they operate; managing and processing this information can be a very complex and resource intensive task.

ALFA is a powerful airport billing and revenue management software solution designed to balance ease of use with the flexibility required by airports of all sizes to invoice customers, examine airport traffic, manage lease and concession revenue, and much more. Our software has been designed as an efficient and flexible tool to manage these processes through a high degree of automation, customizable functionality, and ease of use.

Over 45 airport operators in six countries from around the world have adopted ALFA as their billing solution of choice. At the Queen Alia International Airport , in Amman, Jordan, Airport International Group (AIG) took over the operation and redevelopment of the airport in 2008. AIG outsourced the aeronautical billing process to WSP. Since then WSP has deployed all of ALFA’s billing modules and has developed custom web-based tools to interface with the airport’s new Airport Management System.

Another great example of the solution implementation is the Atlantic City International Airport in the US. As part of a larger 2011 project to deploy an Airport Information Management System (AIMS) at the airport, the South Jersey Transportation Authority wanted to improve the airport revenue management system.  WSP’s ALFA was selected to manage the invoicing of all aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue streams at the airport. To support aeronautical billing, ALFA interfaces with Flight Information Display System (FIDS) that was deployed as a key part of the larger AIMS project.

In Canada, the Ottawa International Airport Authority has been using ALFA at the multiple award winning Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport for more than a decade, during which its role has continuously evolved. ALFA was first used to manage aeronautical revenues in 2006. In 2011 non-aeronautical revenue management was added to ALFA at the airport. More recently, a custom interface to the authority’s cloud-based ERP using web services was developed.

The new terminal at Queen Alia International Airport increases passenger capacity from 3.5 to 12 million people per year.

Airport Vicinity Land Use Analysis and Management – AvGIS

The primary function of the web-based AvGIS Software is to assist airport operators, regulators, private land developers and municipal planners to identify airport related land use constraints in the vicinity of and on airport lands.

AvGIS provides a single all-encompassing web-based query, analysis and reporting tool to assess any location and to identify all related aeronautical restrictions including, operational obstacle limitation surfaces, bird hazard zones, airport noise exposure forecast contours, and many more. What used to take airport operators many hours to assess can now be completed in significantly less time by our expert staff, who are familiar with the regulations dictating the complex protection surfaces surrounding airports.  This now allows multiple ‘What If’ scenarios to be carried out and ultimately provide the optimum solution.

The current version of AvGIS (also known as Airport Constraint Assessment Tool or ACAT) was developed with the Calgary Airport Authority (YYC) as the launch customer. YYC staff participated during detailed specification and testing phases which provided critical insights into the land use management and assessment process undertaken by staff at this busy international airport. Since its official launch, hundreds of proposals each year have been logged and assessed by YYC using the system.

In addition to these in-house solutions, WSP holds licenses of advanced CAD software, such as AutoDesk InfraWorks and AviPlan Airside Pro by Transoft Solutions.

Exploring options with InfraWorks project modelling – Access to the InfraWorks project model on site helps facilitate better discussions with the clients in the field.

AutoDesk InfraWorks – Connecting BIM and the Real World

InfraWorks software supports connected BIM (Building Information Modelling) processes, letting designers and civil engineers plan and design infrastructure projects in the context of the real world. Also, InfraWorks project model on site helps facilitate better discussions with the clients in the field.

As the lead firm in MapLAX, JV, WSP was responsible for developing program level analysis consisting of a series of optional development plans and the phasing of the plans, for proposed new facilities at LAX. As part of this project, WSP developed a comprehensive InfraWorks Building Information Model (BIM) focusing on both on and off-airport locations, defined by the overall project area. The model communicates information in a virtual environment to the client as well as subconsultants, stakeholders and the public for information and decision-making on critical projects throughout their lifecycles.

AviPlan Airside Pro – Advanced aircraft maneuvering simulations

Airport planning and design, aircraft/airport compatibility assessment and aeronautical studies require precise modelling of infrastructure and careful analysis of aircraft, vehicle and equipment movements on the ground.

AviPlan Airside Pro is an advanced software solution for modelling aircraft maneuvers and ground equipment docking. It facilitates 2D and 3D problem solving that airport engineers and planners face when studying airside development projects, aircraft stands and their utilities (fueling, 400Hz, etc.) as well as interfaces between terminal buildings and the airfield (passenger boarding bridges).

The expertise of WSP in airfield planning, design and operations combined with the capabilities of AviPlan Airside Pro allows our teams to provide advanced, detailed products to our clients. Successful studies include airports and heliports of all sizes and traffic types, from GA airfield to large hub airports.