Leveraging TCFD to Advance Climate Action

The world is weathering a variety of profound and impactful crises – one of which is climate change. We are already facing higher temperatures that are driving more intense and powerful climate-induced events such as heatwaves, wildfires, storms and floods. With the increased interest on the physical impacts of climate change, governments, businesses and investors around the world are preparing for a just, sustainable and resilient transition to a zero-carbon economy.

Financial Services Client Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities Assessment

WSP assessed the risk associated with the physical impacts of climate change to the client’s supply chain, operations and products and services.

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Climate-Related Physical Risks and Opportunities Assessment for a Financial Services Client

WSP conducted a preliminary assessment of risks associated with the physical impacts of climate change on key client operations, including global headquarters offices, data centers, call centers, tech operations and supplier manufacturing sites for a global financial services client.

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Transforming Resilience for a Technology Client

Since 2015, WSP has supported this client along their TCFD journey. We have provided initial education on the requirements, motivations and options for TCFD-aligned disclosure.

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Global Transportation Client Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities

WSP completed a qualitative physical and transition risk and opportunity assessment for a global transportation client in 2020, in alignment with the TCFD recommendations.

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Advancing Meaningful Climate Action

In response to the increasing impacts of climate change on businesses, both now and in the future, more companies have been publishing climate disclosures following TCFD recommendations to promote transparency, efficiency and resilience.

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After COVID-19

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global crisis, but epidemics have been increasing in both frequency and reach due to globalisation, greater connectivity and denser cities.

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Out of Pandemic

Knowledge gained from the impact of, and resilience actions taken during, the COVID-19 pandemic could provide lasting lessons beyond health crises preparation, including future approaches to acute and chronic risks such as climate change.

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The Forest and the Trees of TCFD

Our industry is engaged in an important dialogue to improve sustainability through ESG transparency and industry collaboration. This article is a contribution to this larger conversation and does not necessarily reflect GRESB’s position.

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CDP Results are Out

The long-awaited results of CDP reporting have been released. While "A-listers" have already been notified of their status, others will be learning their results this week. Q&A with Emily Wasley.

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