Underground Storage and Disposal

We are a leader in the development of salt caverns, hard-rock caverns and porous media for underground energy storage, as well as the design, drilling and maintenance of storage and disposal wells.

Industry Pioneer

WSP USA is the nation's leading engineer and constructor of underground storage and related surface facilities. Our extensive portfolio of projects includes solution-mined and hard-rock storage caverns for liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons and compressed air, as well as aquifer and depleted reservoir storage facilities. Altogether, we’ve worked on more than 300 cavern projects.

We provide a full range of solution-mining services, from geological studies through final construction, operation and maintenance. We’ve worked on numerous high-profile projects, including the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR)—we designed and supervised construction and filling of SPR Gulf Coast oil storage caverns with a combined storage capacity of more than 700 million barrels, and have provided ongoing technical support.

We also offer expertise in the design and construction of caverns within hard rock formations to provide protective, economical storage for hydrocarbons such as natural gas, propane, butane and crude oil. We have designed and constructed more than 90 percent of mined caverns in the U.S.

Our professionals are also experienced in the design, construction and operation of the complex surface facilities associated with storage caverns, including leaching plants, compressor stations, tank farms, pipelines and bulk liquid terminals.

Depleted oil or gas reservoirs also offer opportunities for energy storage—our experts analyze depleted oil and gas zones for natural gas storage potential, and design programs to locate and qualify aquifers for storage. We are experienced in developing new capacity and in enhancing the deliverability of existing facilities.

We are also a leader in the design, drilling and maintenance of deep injection wells, including those designated Class I and Class II by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We provide a full range of services that include drilling engineering and management, storage and disposal well interventions, and mechanical integrity testing.

Over the years, our capabilities have been enhanced by the acquisition of several firms offering complementary services. Key to these capabilities is a professional staff with the technical expertise and innovative spirit necessary to offer effective solutions in today’s dynamic regulatory and business environments.


1977: PB-KBB joint venture formed to design the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve
1978: Incorporated as PB-KBB
1989: Acquired Fenix & Scisson
2001: Acquired UGS, formerly Sofregaz US
2002: Wholly owned unit of Parsons Brinckerhoff; named PB Energy Storage Services (PB ESS)
2014: Parsons Brinckerhoff acquired by WSP
2017: Began operating as WSP USA

On project after project, we help our clients meet demanding goals and deliver complex projects. Find out what we can do for you.

Salt Caverns

We pioneered techniques and set technical standards for underground salt caverns

Rock Caverns

We are experts in the design of hard-rock caverns and have worked on the majority of U.S. mined caverns

Storage and Disposal Wells

We provide comprehensive regulatory and technical services for storage and disposal wells 

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WSP’s experience in underground storage and disposal spans five decades. Learn more and hear from energy president Roger Blair.


Meet our Experts

Nils Skaug
Director, Facility Design and Well Testing
United States
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Klaus Buschbom
Director, Drilling and Well Interventions
United States
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Russell Bentley
Director, Technical Business Development
United States
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Mark Meece
Senior Field Engineer and Project Manager
United States
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Frank Jurica
Senior Project Engineer and Project Manager
United States
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Scyller Borglum
Underground Storage Market Lead
United States
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