Oil and Gas Water and Environmental Management

Aging infrastructure, regulatory compliance, declining production, cost constraints, social changes and individual safety are just some of the challenges oil and gas companies face today.


WSP, a multidisciplinary consulting firm, provides engineering and environmental services to the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry for decades. We combine our understanding of client needs and in-depth industry know-how to assist oil and gas enterprises by working together to build customized and holistic solutions to drive client-specified results.


Translating Your Needs Into Solutions

WSP’s experience, business acumen and engineering expertise positions our team to provide comprehensive, objective advice for clients to navigate the challenges of complex technical issues. Our work is commercially-focused and outcomes are clearly communicated. We are advocates for our clients and protect their interests which is demonstrated by our strong oil and gas client relationships.

Local Knowledge, Global Reach

WSP has the local knowledge and global expertise to meet today’s environmental and engineering challenges directly. Across the world, our water and environment staff work with oil and gas clients on both multinational and site-specific programs. Through our international network of engineers, geologists and hydrogeologists, scientists and consultants, we are unconstrained by discipline-based or geographic divisions — every client has access to the entire technical resources of our firm. We develop tailor-made solutions that are flexible and adaptable for each client and are committed to delivering projects at cost and on schedule.

Integrated Services

We understand the operating practices, regulatory requirements and environmental issues associated with the oil and gas industry from exploration and production through processing and transportation. We apply our technical expertise and innovative approach to address critical areas such as safety, quality, budget, schedule, scope and responsiveness. Our comprehensive services deliver projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our services include:

  • Pre-construction environmental requirements review
  • Pre-construction permitting and compliance
  • Environmental compliance inspections on construction projects
  • Wetland and waterbody delineation, mitigation and monitoring
  • Natural resource surveys (threaten and endangered, bird, bat, rare plant, habitat)
  • Site investigation and remediation
  • Due diligence and environmental liability management
  • Environmental compliance for oil and gas facilities
  • Environmental support of oil and gas operations
  • Spill response
  • Spill response planning (tactical response plans, SPCC, FRP, PHMSA)
  • Hydrostatic testing support
  • Water crossing management
  • Data management and geographic information systems (GIS) solutions
  • Storm water management
  • Ecological restoration for sensitive areas
  • Aquatic and terrestrial invasive species management
  • Groundwater and surface water assessments and monitoring
  • Civil/environmental engineering services for pipeline assets