Building Technology Systems

We approach every technology project with a desire to provide the owner, operator and occupants with an environment that is flexible, effective, comfortable and secure through the use of integrated intelligent building systems, communications and controls.

Building Smart with Integrated Technology

We focus on a smart building approach. True smart buildings are controlled by intelligent building systems capable of making predictive and automated decisions which enhance the inhabitants' experiences.

Fully integrated technology design is necessary for project design and construction phases to coordinate, validate and understand the intelligent building systems and commissioning thereof prior to bidding, construction, substantial completion, and occupancy.

Salesforce Transit Center

Converged Networks

Converged networks allow intelligent buildings to be more effective by increasing building performance, functionality and environmental sustainability.  Buildings utilizing intelligent technologies on a converged network platform allow integration, automation, and optimization of all of the systems and equipment that provide services to the building and the occupants, as well as remote monitoring and control of all of the building systems transported over the network. WSP USA is using this approach on projects like the Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco, where a converged, IP-based intelligent building network is the key digital communication backbone of the new facility. The network systems transport all IP-based smart building system traffic over one common secure and protected infrastructure. 

The converged network approach is also being employed at 181 Fremont, where we are setting the trend in the high-rise industry for these systems. In this mixed-use high-rise, the converged network will allow the operators to integrate, automate and optimize all of the intelligent systems and equipment that provide services to the building and its occupants. These systems enable remote control and monitoring of the building systems in an enterprise-rated secured network.


181 Fremont, Courtesy Heller Manus

Our national team of experts also works on systems related to:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Acoustics
  • Audio Systems
  • Beacon Technology
  • Distributed Antennae Systems
  • Emergency Communication Systems
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Network Systems
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Video Surveillance
  • Visual Display Systems
  • WiFi Modeling