Water Supply and Reuse

Factors such as population growth, aging infrastructure and extreme weather events continue to create new water management challenges in urban, suburban and rural areas.

Safe, clean water is essential to support life and the environment. WSP USA provides economical, efficient solutions for potable water supply and water reuse projects that focus on meeting client objectives while ensuring compliance with strict regulatory standards.

Our team provides integrated advisory and engineering services, as well as permitting support, on complex water projects across the U.S. Additionally, we have experience in advanced water treatment technologies including desalination of seawater and brackish water and zero-effluent discharge systems for power facilities. We help clients anticipate needs and take action to optimize and ensure the reliability of the water supply.

We've provided a wide range of services on major water reclamation projects that help protect available groundwater supplies and enhance sustainability. Our work includes performing feasibility and environmental impact studies, conducting complex resource assessments and modeling, and providing design, permitting and construction-phase services on reclaimed water systems.