Jenn Grenier

East Coast Advisory and Planning Business Leader
United States

Jenn Grenier leads WSP USA’s East Coast Advisory and Planning business and has a strong expertise in transportation engineering and planning. She works with a wide variety of transportation agencies to rethink the way commuters travel and design sustainable solutions to complex transportation problems. Jenn has 29 years of experience in providing comprehensive planning services for freight, rail, and regional multimodal long range planning projects, as well as corridor planning studies for highways and multimodal corridors. Jenn has also led New Jersey’s program for maintaining and improving navigation channels which includes a range of marsh and shoreline restoration projects using dredged material. These critical projects support New Jersey’s significant ports, wind ports investment, and maritime tourism and fishing industries.

As a certified planner, Jenn is passionate about driving strategic collaboration between community stakeholders, transportation/development owners and engineers and environmental scientists to identify existing and future challenges and design a resilient, cost-effective solution that benefits all users.

Jenn holds a bachelor’s of science in civil engineering from the University of Hartford. She is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and American Planning Association.