Manjeet Ranu

National Planning Lead
United States

Manjeet Ranu is a comprehensive planning practitioner, having practiced in six high-growth, economically significant states as a land use, transportation and environmental planner, with urban design expertise. He was an executive for three large urban transportation agencies in the Los Angeles, Salt Lake, and Atlanta regions. He also led community development for cities in the San Diego and Dallas regions. His transit experience involved leading and administering transportation planning, capital programs, Federal Transit Administration Capital Investigation Grant program projects, National Environmental Policy Act and the California Environmental Quality Act. Areas of practice in land use include policy planning, master planning, development review, building safety, housing programs, preparing land use regulations, California Environmental Quality Act, and code enforcement. Manjeet’s 20 years of experience in the public sector and six years in the private sector across different regions of the United States, along with years of community leadership, has given him keen strategic insights and creativity to advance highly complex initiatives to successful outcomes with broad support and equitable impact.