Achieving Vision Zero Road Safety

Saving Lives Strengthens Communities

Numbers are sourced from the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018, World Health Organization.
Income levels are based on 2017 World Bank classifications, as noted in the report.

01 — This 2+1 road is a part of the Tran-European Transport Network connecting an important harbor, towns and the countryside north of Stockholm with the city. (Stockholm County, Sweden) / 02 — The design of a roundabout can be trialled using temporary devices. (Pesaro, Italy) / 03 — a highway through the city, closed to motorized traffic on Sundays (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) / 04 — a speed camera, or as referred to in Sweden a life-saving camera, close to a bus stop and pedestrian refuge on a rural road (Sweden)

05 — Removable humps ensure low traffic speeds at this crossing. (Stockholm, Sweden) / 06 — A bike parking close to a pedestrian crossing reduces the risk that cars park close by. (Brussels, Belgium) / 07 — A “pop-up” demonstration project as part of a public involvement campaign supporting implementation of the Armour Road Complete Street Plan (North Kansas City, Missouri, United States). Phase 1 improvements have now been constructed, and since completion no serious injury or fatal crashes have occurred / 08 from the Christchurch Major Cycle Network Project (New Zealand): Visualizations like this one were key to informing the public how the project would impact their neighbourhood, and instrumental in gaining community support.  The project has separated pedestrians and people on bikes from vehicular traffic, and surveys show the number of people on bikes has increased significantly.

To sum up, I’ll borrow from the poem 'I rörelse' [In Motion] by Swedish poet Karin Boye: Målet är ingenting. Resan är allt ... This means: The goal is zero. The journey is everything.
Karin Hassner Traffic Planner, Road Safety Expert