Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Policy

We have an empowering culture

As a business we aspire to always be the first choice for clients, partners and employees. Our people are our most valued assets, and we are committed to providing our employees, contractors and clients a safe and healthy workplace.

At WSP, we reflect the combined successes of all employees and a focus on shared goals and values. We recognize that our employees and subcontractors have the right to a safe workplace. WSP supports this right through the development and implementation or our HSE management system which meets and exceeds our legislated requirements.

Our senior management will make health, safety and environmental protection integral to everything we do by providing resources to support our HSE management system and promoting a positive HSE culture, by empowering and enabling our employees to work in a manner which keeps them safe from harm.


WSP’s managers and supervisors are expected to:

  • Reinforce our HSE culture by demonstrating commitment to the HSE management system;
  • Investigate all incidents to identify causes and apply corrective and preventative measures;
  • Share best practices and lessons learned;
  • Provide feedback and recognition to employees who positively contribute to reducing HSE risks


WSP’s employees are expected to:

  • Take responsibility for their personal safety and follow the HSE management system and the law;
  • Inform management of unsafe conditions and hazards.
  • Provide feedback on improving safety measures;


In 2020 we will continue to focus on the identification, prevention and elimination of hazards, risk of injury and negative impacts on our environment. We will consistently pursue efforts to build and develop an exemplary HSE culture within the company. Together, in a spirit of cooperation and consultation with our employees, we will strive to meet our annual objectives that are focused on our goal of Zero Harm to people, property and the environment.

Zero Harm



Ryan Brain
President and CEO