Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Policy

Building a high performance culture

As a business we aspire to always be the first choice for clients, partners and employees. Our people are our most valued assets, and we are therefore committed to providing our employees, contractors and clients a safe and healthy workplace.


Leading through engagement

At WSP, we reflect the combined successes of all employees and a focus on shared goals and values. Employee and subcontractors have the right to a safe workplace and therefore participation and adherence to the HSE program and legislated regulations are paramount. Our HSE annual objectives aimed at our goal of Zero Harm to people, property and the environment, help us demonstrate and sustain a culture of care and empower our teams to provide our valued customers and partners with world-class solutions.

Our senior management regularly evaluates our health, safety and environmental performance and the effectiveness of our management system through inspections, audits and individual performance reviews, and report our progress to interested parties.


WSP’s managers and supervisors are expected to:

  • Reinforce our HSE culture by demonstrating commitment to the HSE program;
  • Implement and ensure compliance with the company’s HSE program;
  • Oversee personal protective equipment selection and availability, as well as tool and equipment maintenance;
  • Ensure employees receive training, are familiar with governing laws and regulations and are aware of risks and negative environmental impacts associated with their tasks;
  • Investigate all incidents, accidents and near misses. Identify and implement root cause analysis along with necessary corrective and preventative measures;
  • Share best practices and lessons learned;
  • Ensure HSE is an agenda item at all meetings and given equal importance to other operational items;
  • Provide feedback and recognition to employees who positively contribute to reducing HSE risks.


WSP’s employees are expected to:

  • Take responsibility for the company’s safety initiatives and follow the HSE program and legislated requirements;
  • Use and wear personal protective equipment;
  • Inform management and supervisors of unsafe conditions and provide feedback on improving safety measures;
  • Identify safety needs and communicate hazards to others. All employees are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others within their work area;
  • Keep HSE a priority in our offices, on our sites and at home.


In 2018 we will continue to focus on the identification, prevention and elimination of hazards, risk of injury and negative impacts on our environment. We will consistently pursue efforts to build and develop an exemplary HSE culture within the company. Together, our commitment and cooperation will allow WSP to maintain an incident-and injury-free work environment.

Zero Harm



Ryan Brain
President and CEO