Saturn 1 Gas Plant

Saturn 1 Gas Plant + Deep Cut Facility


  • Northern Alberta, Alberta, Canada


  • Pembina Gas Services

Project Value

  • 130 Million

Project Status

  • Complete

Deep cut gas plants are field gas processing plants that have a special processing capacity to extract more liquids. Utilizing special processing units in key locations, these plants can extract some 3.7 times more liquids for a given volume of gas than ‘shallow cut’ plants. A company wanted to build a greenfield deep cut gas plant in Northern Alberta, which required a unique combination of local perspective, technological know-how and an understanding issues related to accessibility.

Man Hours
100,000 100,000
horsepower solar turbines T130 sales gas compressor
30,000 30,000
standard cubic feet per day deep cut gas plant
200 million 200 million

Creating Long Lasting Relationships

When we first bid on the Musreau 1 (six shallow cut processing plants built with used equipment located near Grande Prairie, Alberta) we had no idea that this project would be the start of a long-lasting business relationship with the client. Due to the success of this project, WSP was awarded the Saturn 1 Gas Plant; a greenfield plant also located in Northern Alberta. We were able to transition our project team from Musreau straight over to the Saturn project for successful execution.

We were able to offer our client unparalleled access and availability because our team was based in Calgary, Alberta, where the client was also based. This local perspective, level of accessibility, along with our quality, was recognized and valued by the client.


Project Execution

The Saturn Gas Plant Deep Cut Turbo-Expander Facility was engineered to extract an ethane plus liquid product from third party inlet sales gas. The turbo-expander plant area uses Ortloff proprietary technology – Recycle Split Vapour (RSV) with Carbon Dioxide Control (CDC) – to achieve increased ethane recovery as compared to a conventional Gas Sub-cooled Process (GSP) plant technology.

The success of the Saturn 1 Gas Plant allowed for further opportunities with the client including Saturn 2: a templated version of Saturn 1. Saturn 2 was such a success that the client communicated to the team, “the project has been textbook from start to finish with an incredible safety record and has been completed considerably under budget and five days ahead of the original schedule.”