Remotely located in Australia’s outback, Silverton Wind Farm will be one of the world’s largest onshore wind projects, generating nearly 4.5% of New South Wales’ current power consumption. 


  • Silverton, New South Wales, Australia


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  • Silverton Wind Farm Development Pty Ltd

Project Status

  • Completed

The Silverton Wind Farm in New South Wales, Australia, is one of the world’s largest onshore wind projects. It has an operational capacity in excess of 1,000 megawatts, and is predicted to generate approximately 4.5 percent of New South Wales’ total power consumption. In a typical year, the wind farm could power more than 430,000 homes. Studies also indicate it will reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 3,500,000 tons.

WSP was contracted by Silverton Wind Farm Development Pty Ltd to provide full-time supervision of its preliminary geotechnical investigation program. The WSP team was responsible for assessing nine previously selected turbine sites and determining ground conditions. WSP provided recommendations for suitable foundations, including mass gravity turbine foundation structures. The team also made recommendations for batter slopes, excavations, and drainage.

A commitment to timely, effective communication enabled the investigation team to select appropriate foundations in a timely manner, ensuring the client met its deadlines in the project’s preliminary phase. 

GHG Emissions Reduced Annually
3,5 M Tons
Homes Powered by Renewable Energy
Operational Capacity
> 1,000 MW