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  • Union Gas

Project Value

  • 10 Billion

Project Status

  • Completed 2012

How do you keep Canada's largest and fastest growing metropolitan area moving forward with their energy needs? With existing Dawn Compressor Stations at near capacity, there was a need to move greater volumes of gas through the Union Gas system – some 6 billion cubic feet of gas per day to the GTA.

construction man hours
1 Million
cubic feet of gas flow per day
6 Billion
diameter inches of welding
engineering man hours
Rolls Royce turbines

A Challenging Location

WSP was engaged to design a compression facility that would be the largest underground storage facility in Canada - with 156 billion cubic feet of high deliverability storage. To serve an increased need and a growing demand for clean, affordable natural gas, the client needed an additional compressor facility at the site of its existing compressor station.

Choosing the project location was a unique challenge due to the fact that there was already a lot of noise in the area and Union Gas did not want to contribute to this further. Also, the facility had to be designed around a tributary that ran through to the chosen location.


The Approach

The facility was designed and constructed to meet stringent requirements and regional codes set by the Canadian Standards Association and Ontario Technical Standards and Safety Authority. The project team in Calgary leveraged its extensive experience with engineering natural gas compression and storage, as well as the regulatory process involved. We designed, managed and oversaw the installation of a gas-turbine-driven tandem compressor package as well as several other small piping interconnection projects throughout the site and also completed six work packages, including multiple compressors, valves, and headers.