Union Gas Parkway

Union Gas Parkway - Empowered Communities


  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  • Union Gas

Project Status

  • Completed 2012

Faced with energizing one of Canada's fastest growing population centres and compounded by Ontario's green movement from coal-fired power generation to cleaner burning natural gas power generation, Union Gas needed to be ready to meet the challenge of increasing demand in the GTA region.

construction man hours
1 Million 1 Million
diameter inches of welding
96,000 96,000
engineering man hours
100,000 100,000
88,000 88,000
Rolls Royce turbines
2 2

A Challenging Location

 Having the largest underground storage facility in Canada, with some 274 billion cubic feet of natural gas storage, how would Union Gas increase their ability to get product to downstream markets? One of the solutions identified was the expansion of the Parkway compression facility, located near the metropolitan of Mississauga. Ensuring safety and reducing the impact of noise and emissions were key factors that Union Gas wanted to address, not only to meet stringent requirements, but because of a clear responsibility to the communities it services. Other challenges included a regulated tributary, heritage buildings on the site.

The Approach

 WSP was engaged to design and support the construction of the expansion of the Parkway compression station. The facility was designed and constructed to meet stringent requirements and regional codes set by the Canadian Standards Association and Ontario Technical Standards and Safety Authority. The project team in Calgary leveraged its extensive experience with engineering natural gas compression and storage in their design, management and support of the installation of two gas-turbine-driven tandem compressor packages and the associated utilities required. This included a stormwater management system that also serves as a firewater suppression system which ensures safety on the site as well as the local community as it is also used by the local fire department. Other design features minimize the output of noise to 35 dBA @ 100m. To reduce emissions,  a bypass system was designed that captures blowdown gasses. Throughout this project, WSP assisted Union Gas in implementing future ready designs with respect to emission management, environmental stewardship, and being a good neighbour.