WSP has one of the longest standing and extensive tunnelling practices globally. In both rock and soft ground, we build transportation, water, and utility tunnels, and underground spaces.

Tunnels transform transportation networks by linking nations, uniting communities, and reducing travel time. Water and wastewater tunnels make modern hygiene and sanitation standards possible. Utility tunnels bring us our electricity, telephone, internet, and gas pipelines, enabling us to power our lives. Underground spaces contribute to our transit networks, our energy reserves, and our scientific research. Tunnel design and construction requires a wide range of engineering skills to deliver innovative solutions.

Bringing together all required disciplines under one roof, WSP is a world leader in tunnel planning, design, rehabilitation, and construction. From pre-feasibility, through fire and risk engineering and ventilation systems, to post-maintenance, we offer in-depth expertise throughout the tunnel lifecycle.

Technology-Driven Design

Our design teams work extensively with the latest technologies, including numerical modeling of ground/structure interaction, BIM and VDC. This allows us to perfect schematics in virtual reality, allowing problems to be rectified before ground is broken and reducing the likelihood of surprises arising during construction that can cause delays, extra costs, or damage to surrounding structures.

Our wide-ranging expertise in railroads, and aviation means that we understand tunnels from all sides of the project, resulting in a holistic approach to their design and construction.